Centennial Baptist School provides classes for pre-kinder, ages 3 years old through 12th grade. At Centennial we strive to do everything with a spirit of excellence in a manner that brings glory to God.

Well-trained teachers
Faith-based accredited ABEKA curriculum
Bob Jones Press Bible curriculum
Weekly Chapels
Physical Education program
Accelerated Saxon Math (Grades 3rd -12th)
Spanish and Computer classes
Home Econimics
Drama & Speech
Choir & Band
Video Editing
Facilities & Equipment:
"New" Outdoor sports court  - Just Finished Summer 2012 - Fullsize vollyball & basketball court
"New" Upstairs Middle School/High School facility
14 Classrooms
Computer Lab
Sports Field
Middle School & High School Lockers
Media Production room


Grading Scale for Centennial Baptist School
A+ 100-99%
A 98-94%
A- 93-90%
B+ 89-88%
B 87-84%
B- 83-80%
C+ 79-78%
C 77-74%
C- 73-70%
D+ 69-68%
D 67-64%
D- 63-60%
F 59 –below


In accordance with Idaho schools state standards. A student must accumulate a minimum of 46 credits in grades nine through twelve in order to receive a high school diploma.  Any specific changes in the prescribed curriculum must meet with the approval of the administration.

Faithful class attendance is vital for a student's success. Therefore, strict attention adherence should be given to the attendance policy outlined in the school handbook.

Any student receiving an "F" in English, Bible, math, or history must attend summer school.  However, if a student fails more than two of these subjects in the complete school year, it is imperative that parents initiate a conference with the administration to determine if it is possible for the student to return the next year.  If a student has never been retained, there is a possible option of retention.

A student may receive credit for a "D" in a course and thereby receive credits towards a high school diploma.  However, in order for a course to be considered advantageous to a student's transcripts in making application to college, it should be at least a "C:" Consequently, any time a student makes a "D" or "F" in a course, he should consider retaking that subject.

If a senior fails a required course or is deficient in units, he may participate in the graduation exercises provided that he is deficient three units or less.  He will not receive a diploma until all deficiencies are completed.

All high school students must take a Bible course.  This class will meet daily, with the exception of Wednesday, which is chapel day; and a passing grade will be necessary in order for a student to obtain a Centennial Baptist School diploma.

All students must be full-time students and must attend all chapel services.

We believe that physical fitness is of utmost importance.  Calisthenics and other physical activities will be taught. Participation in physical education classes will be mandatory until graduation requirements have been fulfilled.  If a student is to be excused from physical activity, a note from a doctor is necessary.

The following are the high school graduation requirements for Centennial Baptist School:

LANGUAGE ARTS-9 credits (English-8 credits, 2 per course/ Speech-1 credit)

(For graduates after 2012, this requirement increases to 6 credits. This must include courses that meet Algebra I and geometry standards; also, 2 of these credits must be taken in the last year of high school.)
SCIENCE-4 credits, 2 per course (2 lab)
(For graduates after 2012, this requirement increases to 6 credits, 4 lab.)

SOCIAL STUDIES - 5 credits (This must include U.S. History, Economics, and American Government.)


ELECTIVES - 5 units

**In order for a student to graduate with a "College Preparatory" diploma, he must have 23 credits, and he must have completed and passed the following subjects:

MATH-Algebra I and Geometry-related course

SCIENCE-Physical Science and Biology


Centennial Baptist School offers interscholastic athletics for grades sixth through twelve and is a member of the Idaho Christian School Athletic Association ICSAA.

Sports offered:
Girls Volleyball
Girls Basketball
Boy's Flag Football
Boy's Basketball